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Hear from CityBase clients who are industry experts in govtech, local government finance, and utilities customer service. Watch the teaser videos below to select which video discussions to watch.


How Tacoma’s Citywide Kiosk Network Promotes Access and Convenience

Michael Hill, Assistant Manager of Customer Services at Tacoma Public Utilities, explains how Tacoma determined kiosks were the right option for their more than 180,000 customers, and the process of strategically identifying locations for their citywide kiosk network.

Enhancing Customer Service for Walk-In Utility Customers

Today, 100% of City Utilities of Springfield customers paying in person do so via self-service kiosks. Hear how the technology is a key component of their holistic customer service strategy from City Utilities Supervisor of Customer Services Lisa Vandaveer, and Manager of Customer Services Cindy Shipley.

Prioritizing Customer Experience for Cash and Digital Payments

Lawrence, Indiana has introduced new payment options that prioritize customer experience and streamline revenue collection. Hear from Tyler Douthit, City Controller and Utility CFO for the City of Lawrence, on how they transformed online and in-person payments.

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