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The Challenge

County property services are managed across multiple government agencies, including the Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer. Property owners don’t know where to look for information, or how to complete a common request, like combining real estate parcels. Many of these requests require paper-based, manual processes. Without ample digging, people may also miss benefits they qualify for—like a homestead property tax deduction. Staff can spend nearly as much time redirecting confused property owners as they do handling the services they oversee.

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The Solution

Give property owners a single place for all their needs—from requesting a mortgage deduction to paying full or partial property taxes. Property owners can easily find related services and benefits, complete all necessary forms, and view and pay their bill in the same place, native to your website. By storing a secure user profile, they can set up notifications about upcoming deadlines, or set recurring payments against their total property tax bill.

For customers paying in person, payment kiosks provide a convenient self-service way for people to pay taxes in cash, or by card or check. They can even pay 24/7 on kiosks that are accessible after business hours. POS technology can support cashiers to easily take property taxes and other payments, with shopping cart functionality that simplifies the checkout experience while still routing revenue to the right government agencies. 

Because CityBase technology integrates to existing source systems or tax payment portals, people can easily look up their parcel ID and validate form information as they type it in. Agencies collect better data while saving valuable staff time, and can manage applications and payments across multiple departments.

Previously, applicants for a homestead deduction used to wait up to 10 business days to find out if their deductions were approved. Now, we’ve seen it take as little as 20 minutes from the time a digital form is submitted to the time it’s approved.


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