Government Solutions

Personalize government services for the dynamic needs of the residents and businesses you serve.

More Prosperous Cities

Untangle the red tape to promote economic activity and financial health in your community. Make it easier for someone to start a business and stay compliant, and for households to keep up to date with their obligations.

Consistent and Convenient

Let a person pay their bills in the way that’s most convenient to them. Whether they pay online, in person, or by phone, for a one-time fee or a recurring bill, their experience will be intuitive and branded as your local government.

Integrated Forms and Payments

Collect better data with every transaction. We’re experts at integrating to a wide variety of source systems to provide real-time lookups and analytics for every customer interaction.

Tech Your Team Loves

The unsung heroes of public service are the agency staff who keep government running smoothly. We obsess over the user experience of our back-office solutions to simplify daily tasks.

Government Solutions

This is more than the launch of a new website. It is a significant step in creating an open and transparent government.

Additional Solutions

CityBase products are adaptable to meet the growing needs of government. Here are just a few more examples of the solutions we’ve configured for our clients. Have a challenge you need a solution for?
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    Government Finance

    Streamline your back-end payment infrastructure for better revenue reporting and reconciliation.

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    Government Websites

    Launch a digital city hall that makes it easy to find and complete any task online.

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    Homestead Deductions

    Help people who live in the homes they own to find and apply for tax breaks.

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    Library Fees

    Make it convenient for people to pay for late books at their local library with self-service kiosks.

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    Payment Plans

    Share clear information and simple enrollment at the same place a person pays for their bill.

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    Pet Adoption and Registration

    Facilitate easy adoption by letting new pet owners register animals and pay for services.

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