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The Challenge

There are countless services that a business may need to open its doors and stay in good standing with its local government — from calculating and paying taxes, to getting the necessary certifications and licenses. Many different government departments may touch any given case. Manual, disjointed processes can be burdensome for both those paying their taxes and the people who manage customer questions and compliance.

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The Solution

Simplify the tax experience by clearly presenting information and benefits to your local businesses. Let people find and complete all payments and services online. Make it easy to pay, with features like electronic bill presentment, reminders for business tax due dates, tax calculators, scheduled and recurring payments, and payment history. Payment kiosks and point of sale (POS) technology make paying in person easier and more secure than ever, including 24/7 in-person service, even for cash payers. Behind the scenes, staff solutions streamline tax service management and keep records up to date in real time.

Taxpayers win because the City has streamlined a costly process and is better able to collect payments at the point of registration. Business owners win because they have an easy way to seek forgiveness of overdue penalties in a single online interaction with the City.


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