About Us

CityBase is defining a new era of government and utility technology to satisfy the individual and specific needs of each and every constituent.

The Company

We’re a technology firm based in Chicago with offices in San Francisco. Working with government and utility clients, we provide end-to-end payment solutions and digital services that integrate with client databases through a state-of-the-art unified API. Making technology sustainable, reusable, and scalable for our clients is the ultimate premise of the CityBase platform.

The Platform

More than 100 government agencies and utilities use the CityBase platform for improved service delivery, more efficient operations, and better data. With continuous input from our clients and their constituents, CityBase will do what we do best: catalog, standardize, facilitate, and automate common interactions between people and public services.

The Founder

Mike Duffy, CEO

Mike Duffy founded CityBase with the inspiration that technology could help public servants do what they do best: solve local problems and improve lives. Mike was driven to embrace local government’s distinct operational challenge of serving every person, regardless of their needs or demographics. His goal was to shatter the govtech status quo, creating a company incentivized by building tech with broader outcomes instead of bigger budgets, using a SaaS model instead of billing hourly, promoting cost efficiencies through standardization, and building modular technology that allows for continuous innovation, with or without CityBase. Today, more than 100 government agencies and utility service providers across the United States are using the CityBase platform for integrated payments and digital services. The platform equally serves people who want to complete a government interaction from their phones, those who are unbanked and must pay a bill in cash, and the public servants tasked with keeping government running smoothly. Mike brings a deep interest in behavioral economics from over a decade working in capital markets, including as a Federal Reserve analyst at Northern Trust. He concentrated in economics, econometrics and statistics, and entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business before founding CityBase and embarking on his mission for humanity.

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