CityBase makes doing business with government and utilities easier for everyone.

The Company

We build technology that unifies the way people find, apply, and pay for public services. Our technology is not just better — it’s drastically better — because customer expectations are rising, and legacy systems are suffocating progress. Today, more than 100 agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use our software to bring hassle-free payments and online services to their customers.

Our Approach

The CityBase platform equally serves people who want to complete a task from their phones, those who are unbanked and must pay a bill in cash, and the public servants who keep government and utilities running smoothly. We are experts in design and user experience. We focus on improving common, required interactions. We connect the new things we build to all of the existing systems our clients rely on. In short, we unsnarl your digital traffic and payment systems.

Our Team

In 2013 our entire staff could comfortably fit into a single minivan (we didn’t, but could have) and the govtech industry was in its infancy. Flash forward, and we’re 75 brave souls who embrace the opportunity that makes government so unique: serve the entire population inclusive of their needs and challenges. We’re a group of collaborative problem-solvers who span the nation, with specialties that cover engineering to engagement, product to people. With high ambition and low ego, we are ushering in the future of govtech alongside our innovative clients.

About Euna Solutions

CityBase is an independent business unit of Euna Solutions, which is a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions that power critical administrative functions and financial operations for the public sector. Formerly GTY Technology, Euna Solutions offers easy-to-use solutions for procurement, payments, grant management, budgeting, permitting and K-12 administration that are proven to increase operational efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and compliance. Euna Solutions is a trusted partner to more than 2,000 government and public sector organizations across North America, empowering digital transformation and streamlining business processes through a relationship-centered, service-focused approach. Euna propels public sector progress. 

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