Customer Webinar: Nashville Electric Service: How to Ignite Change Through Modern Payments

Nashville Electric Service (NES) has been dedicated to providing safe and reliable power to Middle Tennessee since 1939. NES embarked on a transformational journey to modernize their payment technology and replace a long-standing, stagnant solution with more accessible payment channels. NES successfully implemented new payment technology that delivers exceptional customer service by catering to the needs of both NES staff and customers.

Hear from Stacy Mill, Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer and Brent Baker, Chief Customer and Innovation Officer to learn:

  • How vital cross-departmental coordination was for effective change management and delivering optimal customer experience
  • Why modern payment technology, including self-service payment kiosks, improved customer experience through efficiency and reliability
  • The benefits on how using vendors that partner and integrate seamlessly leads to an efficient implementation process

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