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We work with innovative local governments and utilities across the United States to bring hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff.


More than 100 government agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use CityBase technology to provide hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff.

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CityBase meets the needs of government and utilities to promote excellent customer experiences and resilient operations. We equally serve major population centers and growing communities to help their customers find, apply, and pay for public services.​

Working with CityBase, we were able to think about the core infrastructure issues: both the PCI compliance and the money movement. We knew we needed to have something that supported the diversity of our departments. Now, we have seamless integration across different departments.

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Hear how these communities are using CityBase technology to improve government payments for everyone, digitize public services, and promote streamlined utility payment processing.

For us to have that real-time integration and to see those payments real-time when we get to the month-end close, it's such a faster process. Keeping the kiosk and the web platform together on one revenue management tool actually helps reconciliation that much more.
The CityBase kiosks provide our customers with real-time information about their balance, helping them to avoid fees and penalties. Anytime you invest in technology, especially technology that brings accessibility and reduces the burden on your constituents, it’s always a win for the city.

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