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The Challenge

To get a new business off the ground, entrepreneurs must navigate payments and paperwork across multiple agencies. Particularly for first-time business owners, there’s little visibility into the full process and how to ensure compliance. Government staff must spend time answering basic questions, even for services their agency may not oversee.

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The Solution

Encourage economic development and entrepreneurship in your community. Level the playing field for new and existing businesses to launch and expand, with clearly defined steps that guide applicants through the end-to-end permitting process. Send applicants updates and reminders about the status of their permit, and proactively move people through the process by sending the next required form.

Connect data from multiple systems of record so that government staff can see all the necessary information about a business, and so business owners can have one point of interaction for all their requests and requirements. Use payment kiosks and point of sale technology to streamline in-person interactions — with a single back office solution to view payments across channels and keep all databases updated in real time.

Taxpayers win because the City has streamlined a costly process and is better able to collect payments at the point of registration. Business owners win because they have an easy way to seek forgiveness of overdue penalties in a single online interaction with the City.


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