One-Stop Kiosks for Multiple Agencies

Municipal Utility Kiosk
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The Challenge

In-person customers must travel to multiple locations to pay their bills for power, heat, and water utilities — sometimes commuting long distances between payment centers, all with their own business hours. Add in government payments like taxes, parking tickets, or permits, and it can be a big inconvenience for customers, especially those paying cash who only have the option to pay in person.

Water, heat, and electric utilities are essential services that households must keep running. Many customers pay their monthly utility bills in person, particularly those who pay in cash, who comprise on average 60% of in-person customers for US utilities.

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The Solution

One-stop kiosks allow multiple utilities and government agencies to take payments on a single kiosk

The kiosk welcome screen lets customers choose the bill to pay, and each biller has its own payment application. Behind the scenes, independent workflows keep all transactions separate, routed to the appropriate agency and validated to each source system. 

Customers conveniently pay multiple bills in a single visit, on a single kiosk. Kiosks can extend business hours and offer 24/7 service. Billers reduce costs by sharing responsibility for kiosk hardware, operation, and maintenance. A better customer experience leads to higher adoption for a new, low-cost payment channel. 

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