Government and Utilities Technology Is Evolving

Serve your residents with scalable, repeatable, and sustainable technology.

Our platform makes it easier for constituents to pay a bill, request a benefit, and engage with their city or utility service provider.

What We Offer

CityBase is committed to the people who live and work in your community. Our first priority is giving everyone easy ways to interact through any channel:

  • Payment Processing + Revenue Management: CityBase works with utilities and smart city initiatives to help residents pay their bills in whatever way works for them, always on a secure, cloud-based platform.
  • Digital Services + Case Management: Improve the user experience for residents and efficiency for government employees through our digital services platform. Residents can easily navigate to take care of any government or utility service they need.
  • Kiosks: Let customers pay their bills in person using cash, check, or card—including on 24/7 kiosk models. It takes less than a minute on average to complete a transaction.
  • POS: Give customer service representatives a POS that will instantly speed up the line. Our government technology helps customers get in and out of a payment center or City Hall.
  • Text + IVR: Customers can check their account, confirm their information, or adjust their payment methods — all through easy voice or text opt-in features.

How We Operate

CityBase is the industry leader in smart city applications, allowing customers and government employees alike to get more done in less time. Our technology is designed with end users in mind — whether someone is requesting a city service on their mobile device or paying their monthly electricity bill at a payment kiosk. We exceed industry security standards, so your customers can pay and access services with complete confidence. Our platform results in more timely payments, better customer experience, and more efficient operations across the board.

Common Actions, Configurable Tech

There are thousands of reasons a person interacts with his or her city — really, we counted — but they boil down to common actions. With the right tech, your initiatives need only one platform to meet the needs of every single person.

Personalized and Proactive Delivery

Every person is unique. Your department user interfaces shouldn’t be. When you unify public sector technology across an entire region, digital city government technology can proactively serve households based on a profile of their specific needs.

Important. Intuitive. Intelligent.

We don’t hate the players, but we hate the game. Govtech should be helpful, but too often it becomes a burden for the constituents who interact with it and the staff who maintain it. We’re determined to change that with an intelligent platform that supports smart city projects. When technology is built for the people who use it, city officials can focus on what they do best: solve local problems and serve those in need.

We believe technology should be:


Good technology is easy to use — and government and utilities must reach everyone. We build tools that are accessible to anyone, from any device.


We’re not just a pretty face. Our solutions help people find information they want and get services they need.


We’re transforming service delivery from one-to-many to one-to-one. We keep information up to date by design.


Our platform and products evolve. We plan for the future of your organization and the future of technology.

We’re innovators, problem solvers, and thought partners.

Collaborate with us to build intelligent government and utilities.