Why CityBase Kiosks

CityBase makes government and utilities easier for everyone.

CityBase creates technology that unifies the way people find, apply, and pay for public services. Our payment technology is not just better — it’s drastically better — because customer expectations are rising, and legacy systems are suffocating progress. Today, more than 100 agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use our software to bring hassle-free payments and online services to their customers. 


What CityBase Kiosk Clients Say

“It’s a very quick transaction. The receipts print faster, the kiosks accept cash better than they did on our old kiosks. Customers really appreciate the convenience.”
City Utilities of Springfield
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“Once the customer uses that kiosk once, they are coming back and using the kiosk the next time they make their payment.”
Alabama Power Company
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Created for the public sector, and everyone you serve

  • Designed to accommodate one or more payment applications from government departments and utility providers 
  • Free cash payments for your customers to reduce the burden for people who pay in cash due to preference or need


Faster implementation and higher adoption

  • The only site requirements are a dedicated electrical circuit and 3’x3’ space to install  
  • CityBase provides guidance on kiosk placement for high adoption rates and to meet ADA wheelchair accessibility requirements
  • Easy customer experience improves adoption rates for more repeat users after a single billing period


More convenient for customers

  • Less than 1 minute average transaction time
  • Customers can look up their bill in real time using any information available in your source system, such as their home address, including by scanning a QR or barcode
  • Payments post instantly to satisfy important obligations, including after business hours
  • Print, email, or text receipts 


Easier to use and more accessible

  • Optimized for people with vision impairments or low levels of English literacy, informed by an academic study
  • ADA compliant high-contrast screens, trackball, and wheelchair accessibility 
  • Standard English and Spanish language options using professional translation services, with additional languages on request
  • Casino-grade cash acceptors for faster, more reliable cash handling that also reject counterfeit bills
  • Highly visual instructions that are easy to understand, with configurable support modules by department


Repurpose staff time and reduce operational costs

  • Drastically fewer returned checks with real-time eCheck verification 
  • No more duplicate payments with a straightforward user experience that reduces customer confusion
  • Integrations to your underlying source systems and banking partners to automate reconciliation and keep records up to date at all times
  • Kiosk payments run on a cellular network to drastically lower your PCI scope, reducing your overhead costs for PCI compliance
  • Avoid service interruptions for customers paying water and power bills, since payments post instantly 24/7
  • Receive money in the bank faster, with quicker funding timelines and perfect chain of custody


Better reporting and revenue management

  • Real-time revenue management that allows you to track payment trends across all kiosk locations, payment channels, and departments
  • Powerful search functionality to locate customer records in real time
  • Void or refund transactions in the same place you look up a transaction, and link returned payments to the original transaction
  • Robust integrations to source systems, accounting systems, and your deposit bank allows for auto-reconciliation 


Best in class security and proactive monitoring

  • Payments traverse CityBase PCI Level-1 compliant payment platform via secure cellular network, reducing PCI scope for our clients
  • CityBase actively monitors live kiosks to proactively alert clients and resolve issues remotely
  • CityBase exceeds industry security standards, and we make proactive, extensive use of real-time monitoring, alerting, and response capabilities on system events that may be security-related


One-stop payment kiosks for customers paying multiple obligations

  • Kiosks can accommodate multiple city, county, state, and utility payments on a single device, including water and electricity bills, parking tickets, property taxes, and more
  • Independent workflows keep all transactions separate, routed to the appropriate agency and validated to each source system
  • Customers conveniently pay all bills in a single place, in a single visit
  • By sharing kiosk hardware, billers reduce the costs associated with maintaining their own kiosk network
  • Increase kiosk usage rates by providing more services to customers


Easy to evolve and scale with your needs

  • Leverage a department integration to easily expand to other payment channels, such as web payments and cashiering
  • Manage revenue from every payment channel in a single back-office solution
  • Simple to grow the use of kiosks by adding additional payments after go-live, including from other city or county departments or power, gas, and water utilities 
  • 100% cloud-based solution means no planned downtime, and product enhancements are deployed remotely with no maintenance windows 

We’re innovators, problem solvers, and thought partners.