Web + Mobile Payments

Easy and secure online payments with a mobile-responsive user experience

  • Flexible Payment Options

    One-time and recurring payments, shopping cart features, eCheck and card

  • Very Fast Funding

    Faster funding timelines and streamlined back-office operations

  • Your Branding, Our Security

    A seamless payment experience from lookup to confirmation, backed by our proactive security

Many Agencies, One Experience

Our financial technology provides a consistent payment experience for customers, and a birds-eye view of payment activity for finance teams. Web payments use direct, real-time integrations to multiple databases and to services like eCheck verification.

Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

Payments are completely native to your website to build customer confidence that they’re making a secure payment to their local government or utility provider.

Flexible Payments

All payment functionality is available on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Customers can make a simple one-time payment or store a preferred payment method to pay faster.

What we've been really surprised by, particularly with our property tax solution on the CityBase platform, is the amount of unsolicited comments and tweets about how easy it was to use. It was a great way to mark that we had modernized the way people pay.

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