Self-Service Payment Kiosks

Give all customers a fast and secure way to pay government and utility bills using cash, check, and card — with up to 24/7 service for walk-in and drive-through bill pay.

Self-Service Kiosk Payment Module

Payment Kiosk Product Tour

Take an on-demand tour of our payment kiosk technology. Cities, counties, and utilities are using kiosk technology for walk-up or drive-through self-service payments – for bills like parking and traffic tickets, permit and license fees, water and power utility bills, business and property taxes, and more.

We found that CityBase was one of the few that offered cash payments at the kiosk. It was just superior to anything else that we evaluated. The feedback's been positive. The number of customers who are utilizing the kiosks continue to grow on a weekly basis."
CityBase Hardware Indoor Kiosk
Bill pay kiosks offer multiple payment types

Bill Pay Kiosk Models

Your customers can benefit from various kiosk models, including:

Kiosks can provide 24/7 self-service access for your customers to pay in under a minute, using cash, check, or credit and debit cards. All kiosk models are ADA compliant, with easy-to-use software. 

Kiosk Payment Solutions for Every Bill Type

Choose whether to dedicate your kiosks to a single bill type — like municipal utilities — or have kiosks offer multiple payments like:

  • Utility bills
  • Parking tickets
  • Permits and licenses
  • Taxes
  • And more

Kiosk technology integrates in real time to departmental source systems. Payments post to the appropriate department. Kiosks come standard with the powerful CityBase Revenue Management tool for staff.

Municipal Utility Kiosk
cash payments accepted

Convenient Cash Payments

Inclusive smart city technology makes it easier for everyone to access public services — including people who are underbanked and must pay bills in person, in cash.

  • Customers can make cash payments toward their bill without added fees.
  • Mitigate cash-handling and reduce costs per transaction.
  • CityBase payment kiosks are equipped with casino-grade cash acceptors, which reject counterfeit bills.

Keep Customer Data Secure

Payment dropboxes compromise a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) with manual processing of sensitive customer data. A payment kiosk machine never stores data on devices.

  • Card transactions run via PCI Level-1 compliant payment platform.

  • eCheck verification drastically reduces returned ACH payments.

  • CityBase actively monitors live kiosks and proactively detects incidents that may be security related.
Proactive Payment Security

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