A Fast and Secure Way to Pay

<1 Minute Cash Transactions

Customers can find their account information, pay a water bill or a parking ticket, and have their receipt texted to them—all under a minute.

Secure Payment Integration

Using the same secure CityBase platform as your kiosks, turn on web and mobile payments. It’s a platform already serving more than 5 million government and utilities customers nationwide.

Provide 24/7 service with indoor and outdoor kiosks





CityBase Kiosks

Convenient bill payments, easy maintenance, affordable SaaS pricing

Accessible by design

Clear language in English and Spanish, high-contrast visuals, and consistent information display help people with low-literacy skills or vision impairments to easily complete transactions.

Research-Driven User Interface

An academic study by researchers at Purdue University informed UX design of the CityBase kiosk interface. We keep learning through user testing as we expand the kiosk network.

Improved 24/7 Customer Service

The average transaction time on a CityBase kiosk is less than one minute for cash, and 25 seconds for cards. Indoor and outdoor models provide 24/7 access to pay with card, cash, and check.

Lower Costs, More Secure

CityBase provides all hardware, technology, and support, with no upfront investment. Customer data stays secure on our EMV, PCI Level-1 compliant payment platform.

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