Product Update: Revenue Management Dashboard Empowers the Unsung Heroes of Finance

By Matt Zwicky, Product Manager

We are excited to announce the new engine behind our payment channels, the Revenue Management Dashboard.

As a company that develops financial technology and processes payments for local government and utilities, CityBase is continually working to improve the toolset our clients use to serve their customers. One gap we’ve seen time and again is the availability of a single, easy-to-use solution that can support all the staff who must access revenue data—from Customer Service Representatives to Directors of Finance. The Revenue Management Dashboard lets you see real-time data on all payments in one place. Users can spot trends across payment channels, then dig in to handle issues related to a specific transaction.


The Revenue Management Dashboard is a complete back-office solution that offers quick and easy ways to research, report, and reconcile payments. The solution includes aggregate and detailed reporting combined with powerful search options to find and act on payments and returned payments. Roles and permissions ensure the right users have the ability to void or refund payments in their domain.

Key Features

We designed the Revenue Management Dashboard by channeling (actually just talking to) finance and customer services staff. Here are some of the features that will solve their day to day challenges and headaches.

    • Manage payments collected through kiosk, web, and cashier point of sale
    • Research chargebacks and ACH returns linked to their original payment
    • Search by: transaction ID, amount, date, card/bank last 4, or cardholder name
    • Filter by: agency/department, status, channel (kiosk, web, cashier), or payment method (cash, check, card)
    • Issue voids and refunds
    • Self-manage user roles and permissions

How It Works

Here are a few examples of how utility service providers and cities and counties are using this solution to manage revenue.

⇨ Customer Service Issues Refunds

Moe works in Customer Service for a major utility. He needs to issue a refund to a customer who was overcharged. With the Revenue Management Dashboard, he is able to easily find the payment using the date of the transaction and the last 4 numbers of the customer’s card:

Once the payment is located, Moe can issue a refund back to the card on file that was used to make the payment.

⇨ Finance Researches ACH Returns

Kristen is a Finance Analyst at a city agency that processes payments for building permits. When an eCheck/ACH payment is returned, she needs to research and reconcile this exception to the deposit, and then process an update to the permit approval with the Operations department. Each day, Kristen checks her Revenue Management Dashboard to find new ACH returns. She uses the global Transaction ID to look up the return and find details of the original payment.

⇨ Admin Controls User Permissions

Linda is the Revenue Manager for a city that accepts payments for a number of agencies, ranging from Animal Care & Control to Business Tax to Building Permits. She needs a way to allow each agency the ability to manage their own payments, while also giving her central staff the ability to see payments for all agencies. 

With the Revenue Management Dashboard, Linda is able to assign users to roles and permissions that determine who can issue refunds, and what payments each user is able to see.

Manager Makes Decisions Using Real-Time Information

As the Revenue Manager, Linda also wants to use aggregate and detail reporting make decisions that optimize revenue recognition for the city. She uses the Revenue Management Dashboard to understand trends across kiosk locations, agencies, or even payment methods. Dashboard widgets and raw data can be filtered and downloaded to further analyze or quickly share with stakeholders.

See more issues you can solve with the Revenue Management Dashboard in this comic book: From Detective to the Dashboard.

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