CityBase Pay

Government and utilities have adopted CityBase in nearly 50% of all US states

Payment Kiosks

Industry-leading indoor and outdoor kiosks mean you can provide 24/7, multilingual customer service, with no upfront costs to install.

Complete a card payment on a CityBase Kiosk in less than 25 seconds

Web + Mobile Payments

CityBase web + mobile payments are designed exclusively for government and utility clients. Clean and configurable online payment technology provides customers a simple, convenient, and secure way pay online or on a smart device.

0 downtime Platform Enhancements


Ring up customers while they’re still in line. With a POS cash box, you can accept both cards and cash. CityBase POS solutions enable more efficient interactions between customers and cashiers for a more reliable utility billing service.

CityBase PCI Level-1 compliant payment devices store 0 customer data

Text + IVR

Customers can check their balance or charge a credit card easily on their phones. Send service alerts or payment reminders so customers can pay using a smart government payment gateway. Upgrade customers to a lower payment option by sending text receipts with easy opt-in features.

Text prompts are 100% configurable

Revenue Management

Real-time reporting on the CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard gives you up-to-the-minute data with configurable reports. Direct data entry and database integration make transactions and reporting seamless, with cloud-based technology that’s secure and can be updated without disrupting service.

CityBase Payments

Collect revenue faster, make customers happy

One Platform for Cash, Card, and Check

Run all online and in-person transactions on a single cloud-based platform. The CityBase payment platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and exceeds PCI compliance security standards. Our revenue management portal provides a centralized view of all transactions across payment channels for staff reporting, reconciliation, and research needs. See revenue by tender type, payment channel, and department at a glance, and dig deeper using advanced search functionality.

Real-Time Integrations for Seamless Payment Processing

All you need is one integration to the CityBase platform, and we do the rest. As a payment facilitator, we directly integrate to all your databases, so source systems reflect payments in real time. Fraud prevention, ACH/e-check verification, and other banking functionality directly integrates to CityBase and expands functionality for all our clients.

More Flexibility for Cash Payers

Cash payers without a credit card make up 65% of your in-person customers. Outdoor payment kiosks help you collect revenue faster and improve customer service by giving secure, 24/7 options to people who pay in cash. New technology lets unbanked residents start their transaction online and settle in person the next day to avoid service interruption or late fees.

Increased Web Payment Adoption

Provide an excellent user experience online to help migrate your constituents to lower-cost payment options. Mobile-responsive payment screens for government and utility billing service make paying with check or credit and debit cards easy from anywhere. All payment functionality stays on your web domain, using your branding, and processed through CityBase so transactions stay secure.

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