Product Update: CityBase POS 2.0 is designed for local governments & utilities

Unlike a retailer or restaurant, local governments and utilities have unique needs when it comes to cashiering technology. CityBase has created our point of sale system specifically for these uses and evolved it alongside our client-partners in the government and utility industries. 

Hear from CityBase Senior Product Manager Greg Weppler in these 1-minute videos below, on how CityBase POS supports city, county, and utility customers and cashiers.


A centralized payment platform for all departments & all payment channels

The CityBase payment platform includes point of sale, kiosks, and web payment channels. Customers have the same easy experience whether they pay online or in person. As with all our payment channels, CityBase POS can integrate across all your departments to centralize the payment experience for your customers and cashiers. 



“A cashier can perform payments from multiple agencies. This translates to the customer experience because rather than having to move to different floors and different offices to perform multiple payments, they can interact with just one cashier in just one office and take care of all their business in one stop,” says Senior Product Manager Greg Weppler.


Cloud-based technology that removes you from PCI scope

CityBase point of sale is entirely cloud-based, making upgrades and enhancements hassle-free compared to cumbersome on-premises POS systems. Our cashiering solution also removes you from PCI scope — as with all web and in-person payment channels run on the CityBase platform.



“In addition to providing you with point of sale software and hardware, we can also provide you the network that those transactions are run on, removing your city or utility company out of scope for PCI compliance for those credit transactions that we accept,” says Weppler.


Easy checkout for multiple tender types

Modern technology can make day-to-day tasks easier for your cashiers, and it also helps enhance throughput in buildings by keeping lines moving quickly. 

“CityBase has invested a ton in UI and UX research in order to deliver a modern UX experience for your cashiers, making onboarding extremely efficient,” says Weppler.

Some of the thoughtful features our Product team has incorporated into CityBase POS include the ability to easily split multiple tender types on the same checkout. 

“With a government or utility we may have a payment being split 10 to 15 ways,” says Weppler. “That includes everything from cash transactions, money orders, personal and business checks, as well as all the different ways you can accept a credit card: swipes, EMV, chip and pin, contactless options like Google Pay, Apple Pay.”



A focus on POS user experience for cashiers improves staff satisfaction and efficiency, and it also keeps customers happy by helping them complete their business quickly so they can go about their day.

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