Revenue Management Dashboard

Seamless Research, Reporting, and Reconciliation

See Payment Trends

Use CityBase as your payment processor to unlock better revenue reporting tools for staff and management. See all payments in one place, with granular dashboards and reporting that allow you to spot trends between web and in-person channels, tender types, and more.

Data in Real Time

Direct integration to your database means your CIS is updated in real-time with every payment. Find transactions using any information your customer has, then take action from the same tool.

CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard


View transactions, void and refund, and issue receipts in a single interface. Print or email customer receipts on demand.


Highly configurable aggregate and detailed reports let you spot trends and dig in for more information.


Simplify how you reconcile transactions with deposits. Real-time integrations let you see payments from across payment channels and debt types up to the minute.

Configurable Permission Levels

Provide staff access based on permission levels. Customer service agents can research necessary transaction details, supervisors can void payments and provide full or partial refunds, and administrators can manage other users.

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