Innovation Fuels a Better Experience for All Customers

Developments in FinTech have revolutionized the payment experience for people across all industries in the private sector. Those same customers now expect equivalent user experiences when interacting with their city or local utility. Despite a large portion of customers who embrace new technology, there are still others that find it challenging to adopt.  

As a result, organizations are tasked with finding modern payment solutions that meet the needs of both groups. New technology must provide the flexibility customers need with a user-friendly platform that lends itself to serving all customers. 

Consistently, the best solution is the implementation of self-service payment kiosks. This technology provides up to 24/7 access to make a payment, the ability for an organization to integrate multiple debt types, and supports all tender types. Reliable kiosk technology has proven to extend the functionality digital-first customers demand while still offering an intuitive and easy to adopt payment experience for customers that are less tech-inclined. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction With Modern Payment Technology

Outdated technology can contribute to the challenges of delivering great service to customers. Whether it is limited functionality with legacy solutions or unsecure methods of revenue collection, customers experience amplified hurdles to accessing services. 

Introducing cloud-based payment channels like self-service kiosks that operate with strong security infrastructure has helped thousands of organizations better serve their customers and significantly boosted customer satisfaction. Customers take great solace in knowing no personal data is stored on the kiosk and the entire process is facilitated by technology that is PCI-compliant. 

Lakewood Township has achieved great success with the introduction of a kiosk solution for residents. All customers, regardless of their tech-savvy, adopted the new means of paying their property taxes. High adoption of the kiosk solution can be attributed to a highly user-friendly workflow and a unified approach to payment processing.  

The technology has been great, it’s been embraced by all ages, generations, you name it. Even the ones that maybe are not so great on the computer have been willing to try the kiosk, because it’s so simple, and it’s available 24/7, it’s secure. The simplicity of the technology, I think has really drawn in even the most timid of technology users and just drawn them in, just made them a believer.” — Trish Komsa, Chief Operational Officer for Lakewood Township

Cash Customers Benefit Most from Cutting-Edge In-person Payment Solutions

Organizations are also realizing that cash customers are not going anywhere. Many underbanked or unbanked customers have no choice but to make payments for essential services in person by cash. Limited payment center hours force those customers to utilize 3rd party vendors that charge excessive fees for processing payments while other customers resort to dropping cash payments into unsecured dropboxes. 

DTE saw this gap in service for their customers and introduced self-service kiosks as a solution. The new payment channel delivers easy access to all customers and removes many of the unnecessary hurdles cash customers experienced to pay their utility bills. 

A Modern Solution that Eliminates Multiple Challenges

Large strides in the FinTech space have had ripple effects across many industries. Deep in the digital age, people-focused organizations like governments and utilities are realizing that the adoption of more modern payment technology is essential to tearing down the unnecessary hurdles customers face to accessing everyday services. 

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