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The Challenge

US states are beginning to reopen, but COVID-19 has changed the landscape of in-person service. People may choose to come in person to pay water bills, property taxes, child support, and other important payments. In-person payments may be the only option for people who must pay in cash because they are underbanked with limited access to banking services like credit cards and checking accounts.

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The Solution

CityBase Kiosks provide a contactless, self-service payment option for customers paying in person, fully eliminating person-to-person contact. Kiosks securely take cash, card, and check, and are easy for all customers to use. They can also extend business hours and shorten wait times, providing a customer convenience even when your cashiers are back full-time in government offices and payment centers. 

Kiosk payments post instantly to your underlying source systems. Payments are reflected in real-time in the CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard, so remote staff can manage revenue, answer customer billing questions, and resolve issues immediately — even if they’re still working from home.

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