Lawrence Utilities launches user profile for easier web payments

The City of Lawrence, Indiana, continues to improve the customer experience for self-service bill pay. The City has introduced two self-service, 24/7 payment kiosks that enable their customers to pay utility bills in person using cash, check, and card via walk-up or drive-through kiosk. Hear what the City of Lawrence has to say about using the CityBase payment platform for web and kiosk. And watch an on-demand discussion with Tyler Douthit, City Controller & Utilities CFO for the City of Lawrence, on how they prioritized customer experience for cash and digital payments.

Following the success of their kiosk program, the City launched mobile-optimized web payments on the same CityBase payment platform. Customers can choose to check out as a guest, or they can create a secure user profile with the City for faster, easier checkout. The City’s staff in finance and customer service can research, report, and reconcile transactions made online or via kiosk in a centralized revenue management solution.

“Keeping the kiosk and the web platform together on one revenue management tool helps reconciliation that much more,” says Tyler Douthit, City Controller and Utilities CFO for the City of Lawrence.


Using the new Lawrence Utilities profile, customers can:

  • Create a login for their Lawrence Utilities account
  • Add contact information including email, phone number, and address
  • Securely store and edit one or more payment methods, including bank account and credit and debit cards
  • Make a one-time full or partial payment using a stored payment method
  • Set automatic recurring payments to process on their utility billing due date
  • View or modify upcoming automatic payments

Customers can easily access all information and functionality from a desktop or mobile device.


How It Works

A welcome email confirms registration and lets customers get started online.

Lawrence Utilities user profile email confirmation


In the Lawrence Utilities profile, the mobile-responsive payment experience makes it easy for customers to access all functionality from a smartphone or tablet, just like they would on a desktop.

Lawrence Utilities customers can easily navigate their user profile from a mobile device.


Customers can securely store payment methods and contact information for speedy checkout and recurring billing. 

Lawrence Utilities customers can securely store payment and contact information from their user profile.



Customers can store their account using a lookup screen that’s integrated with Lawrence Utilities’ underlying Customer Information System (CIS) to verify their information in real time.

Customers link their Lawrence Utilities account using a real-time integration to the City's CIS.


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