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Eliminate Paper Forms

Start Service and Accept Payment

Residents can easily apply, request, register, search, and pay for government and utility services via municipal software. Through CityBase digital services, build mobile-friendly online government forms that support conditional logic, e-signatures, submission fees, and more.

Intuitive User Interface

A clean, consistent user interface is easy to navigate and act upon. With the right government software solutions, any service feels familiar no matter which agency or department oversees it. Back-end integration is instant and universal, eliminating redundant manual data entry.

Digital Services + Case Management

Streamline the process behind your online forms and smart city applications.

Process Automation

Automatically assign, sort, and forward responses, while mapping your process in plain English. Add labels so it’s easy to see the status of a request, and send automatic alerts to let people know if the status of their application has changed.

Resident Profile

Give residents a secure profile to see all their obligations—from upcoming property taxes to paid water bills. Residents and businesses can personalize their civic experience, from storing preferred payment methods for easy checkout, to setting alerts for reminders they care about.

Follow-Up Forms

Send follow-up forms to capture more information. See all interactions with a constituent in a single place, across multiple government agencies.

Real-time Validation

Information is validated in real time as a person types it, so forms are submitted correctly and processed faster through your government software and databases.

Why These Benefits Matter

Satisfied Citizens

When citizens don’t have to wrestle with a confusing user interface, they’re more likely to interact with it. When they hit submit, they can be confident their request is being securely processed. It’s one more hassle to take off their to-do list.

Reduced Costs

From reducing security risks, processing fees, and wasted time, a smart city framework is designed to protect the budget. You’ll get more on-time payments from customers, so you can rely on a more consistent stream of revenue.

Improved Organization

Streamlining the process from start to finish allows you to identify and eliminate your inefficiencies. An intuitive municipal software can put everyone on the same page, regardless of their role. Ultimately, the advanced technology increases transparency for residents by providing a clear log of who did what (and when).

Less Redundancy

Government employees who manually input form after form are wasting valuable time. It also introduces the risk of human error. When you free their time by automating simple tasks, they can concentrate on important matters and do what they do best: solve local problems and serve those in need.

Eliminated Paper Waste

Smart city applications aren’t just good for the city, they’re good for the world. Paper may be a recyclable good, but it still takes a tremendous amount of energy to transport and process it. CityBase gives you the municipal software you need to cut down on unnecessary paperwork and the time spent to organize, file, and find it.

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