The Value of Reliable Payment Products

Having reliable payment technology is invaluable. Payments should work how you need them to, all of the time. When they do, customers are faster to adopt new payment channels. You can trust you are keeping sensitive personal identifying information (PII) secure using the latest best practices in security monitoring and proactive threat hunting. And you save time and money on troubleshooting, upgrades, and customer service.


The hidden costs of unreliable payment solutions

After retiring an old kiosk vendor that stopped supporting their product, Tacoma Public Utilities learned to prioritize reliability when procuring a new solution.


“Our previous kiosks were at the point of failure,” says Michael Hill, Assistant Manager of Customer Services at Tacoma Public Utilities. “We were having to cannibalize parts off kiosks to keep other machines going. Sometimes we had to shut down locations, we had to consolidate, and it wasn’t providing the best experience for our customers.”

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Information security shouldn’t be an add on

Best-in-class security isn’t a premium add-on for CityBase clients — it’s core to our service offerings and always one of our top considerations. CityBase is a PCI Level-1 service provider and maintains both SOC1 and SOC2 certifications. Our infrastructure team takes a proactive approach to monitoring, alerting, blocking, and implementing counter-measures for various security threats. 

All of our technology is cloud-based — including in-person kiosk and POS cashiering technology. This allows us to continuously evolve our platform for both functionality and speed.

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Customers adopt fintech that works

A good first impression is the most important thing to ensure high customer adoption of a new payment channel. When customers see for themselves how fast and easy it is to pay using a self-service kiosk, a new web payment checkout experience, or with a cashier, they are more likely to continue using that channel again and again. 

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It’s important that the variety of payment channels you invest in make it consistently easy for your customers to pay their bills. Integrated payment technology for cities, counties, and utilities can enhance customer experience, information security, and ROI for government fintech

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