Kiosks Support Cash Payers as an Alternative to Payment Centers

Many local governments and utility service providers are finding their payment centers inundated with customers that want to or need to pay their bills in person. By some estimates, as many as 60% of customers that make in-person payments pay with cash. But paying for essential services like water, heat, and electric utilities, sometimes comes with additional hurdles, especially for cash-preferred customers. Beyond the heavy traffic, customers are often charged convenience fees for cash payments, adding an additional financial burden to these customers.

Utilities and other service providers like city, county, and state governments can continue providing in-person payment options for their residents by installing outdoor payment kiosks. These provide a secure, 24/7 self-service option for customers that must pay in-person. 


Fast, No-Hassle Installation

The only site requirement to install a kiosk is a power outlet. CityBase has a proven track record of rolling out large-scale kiosk networks in a matter of weeks. All kiosk software is cloud-based and runs on CityBase’s PCI Level-1 compliant payment platform.


24/7 Service to In-Person Customers, Without Risking Staff

Outdoor payment kiosks allow customers to pay at a time when it’s safe and convenient for them, without initiating contact with other people. If you’ve closed a payment center or are limiting business hours to promote social distancing, kiosks provide a secure payment option for customers paying with card, check, or cash.


Fast Transaction Times Eliminate Lines

It takes the average customer under one minute to make a cash payment on a CityBase kiosk, and even faster for check or debit and credit cards. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for even new kiosk customers to complete payments quickly. This eliminates lines and crowding at payment centers in general and especially around a kiosk.

“Our customers are very grateful that they have the option to pay 24/7. They hop out of their car, they make their payment, and they’re on their way,” according to CityBase client City Utilities of Springfield


No-Fee Cash Payments

CityBase never charges your customers a transaction fee when they make a cash payment. This eliminates an unnecessary extra burden for underbanked or un-banked customers who prefer or need to pay bills by cash because they have limited or no access to a checking account or credit card.   


Kiosk Monitoring and Revenue Management

Maintain business continuity with cloud-based revenue management for your staff. The CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard is a powerful reporting and reconciliation tool that allows your teams to view and manage kiosk transactions with secure login and permission-based access from any device. CityBase actively monitors kiosks to proactively alert clients and resolve issues remotely.


A More Effective Payment Process for Customers and Staff

The implementation of self-service kiosks facilitates a more effective and easy payment process for customers while eliminating convenience fees for cash-preferred customers. And it streamlines processes for members of staff so that they can focus on more complex transactions and reconciliation efforts so that they can provide even better service to your valued customers.   

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