Empower Staff With a Powerful Research, Reporting, and Reconciliation Tool

Bill payment processing is only the first half of the story. The second half is all on the back-end. And supporting key staff members that perform important back-end tasks is essential to a smooth experience for everyone. 

The best way to support customer service and reconciliation processes is by providing easy access to important payment information. For customer service representatives, the ability to have up to date transaction and account information immediately after a payment is made is integral to providing excellent customer service. And for accounting and finance staff, a centralized source for all data needed to generate important reports and perform reconciliation processes is invaluable.

Revenue Management is CityBase’s powerful reconciliation tool designed to help staff do all of this and more. The goal was to design software that provides staff with the necessary information to deliver great customer service with ease and produce important reports for review at month-end and year-end, and to suit clients’ other unique needs. That is exactly where Revenue Management takes the baton and is off to the races.

Check out the videos below to learn more about this powerful reconciliation and reporting tool. 


CityBase Revenue Management: An integrated research, reporting, and reconciliation tool

Revenue Management integrates into your customer information system (CIS) to allow for immediate account look-up that provides the latest information on a payment. And transaction information across all payment channels, including Point of Sale (POS) and kiosk, is available in one central location. So whether you need an overview of payment activity or something more specific like the details of a particular transaction, Revenue Management provides all the information you need on one dashboard.

Learn from Senior Product Manager, Matt Zwicky, as he describes CityBase’s robust reconciliation software that integrates with every CityBase payment solution.


Reconciliation that Makes Providing Great Customer Service Easy

A smooth payment reconciliation process is as much for the staff as it is for the customer. Enable staff to do their job with more support and they can provide even better customer service. 

Listen as Matt Zwicky describes how Revenue Management equips staff with up to date account information. Every detail about a payment is available to staff immediately after a payment is made, enabling staff to assist any customer with questions about their payment.


Security as a Superpower

CityBase engineers take security seriously which is why they believe that security should never be the last consideration when designing new technology. So security considerations were a big part of the foundation for designing Revenue Management. 

Check out this video where Matt Zwicky describes some of the ways CityBase built security into Revenue Management from the ground up.


An invaluable tool that benefits everyone

Excellent customer service benefits everyone. The success of delivering great customer service makes the lives of staff easier and only further motivates them to keep delivering a great customer experience. And ensuring a complete payment and reconciliation process for customers builds trust and encourages consistent on-time payments. CityBase’s powerful Revenue Management reporting and reconciliation tool ensures satisfaction and success for everyone across the board.

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