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The Challenge

Some people may find it challenging to pay a fine or fee like a parking ticket in one lump sum. If they can’t make a deadline, they may face penalties against that original debt, making it even harder for them to satisfy their obligation to their local government. People struggling to pay their bill may take out high-interest payday loans, which can compromise their financial health. A government payment plan can provide an easy, low-cost way to stay compliant.

For others, larger payments like property or business taxes can be daunting when they hit all at once. Property and business owners may choose to manage payments more conveniently by breaking up larger payments leading up to tax deadlines.

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The Solution

Provide more flexibility for your customers who want to stay in good standing with their government. Promote transparency by including information about payment plans in the same place you present a bill. Make it easier for your constituents to enroll in payment plans with intuitive online forms — and provide software to your staff that makes it easy for them to manage and approve enrollment. Let people securely store their preferred payment method to make checkout easier, including by initiating auto-payments toward a larger bill. A secure user profile lets people check their billing history, set reminders based on their preferred communication method, and see upcoming bills and due dates.


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