City of Mount Vernon, WA, Launches Self-Service Payment Kiosk with CityBase and Paymentus

Residents gain access to an easier, safer way to pay their city utility bills in person

October 20, 2021 (Chicago, IL) CityBase, a leader in government and utility payment technology, and Paymentus [NYSE: PAY], a leading provider of cloud-based payment technology and solutions, today announced that the City of Mount Vernon, WA, has introduced a new secure, self-service payment kiosk powered by CityBase and Paymentus to facilitate bill payment. CityBase is a business unit of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. [Nasdaq: GTYH], a leading provider of SaaS/Cloud solutions for the public sector.

The new payment kiosk, located outside of City Hall, 910 Cleveland Ave., Mount Vernon, WA., provides 24/7 service for residents to review and pay their water bills using cash, check, and credit and debit cards. The kiosk provides customers a convenient, contactless way to pay their full account balance or another amount, with the option to print their receipt or have it sent via email or SMS text. Payment records are automatically integrated to the city payments system for real-time account updates and continuous service delivery.

“We wanted a way to respond to the needs of our in-person customers, and especially those who pay in cash and face extra hurdles in paying their bills during the pandemic,” said Doug Volesky, Finance Director for the City of Mount Vernon. “The kiosk replaces our after-hours payment dropboxes, vastly improving customer convenience by giving them real-time information about their account and providing assurance that they are connecting directly to the city to satisfy their time-sensitive obligations. We’re working with Paymentus and CityBase for this initiative since their payment experience is intuitive for customers, and their integrated technology gives the city better data about the revenue we’re collecting.”

Mount Vernon was allocated federal Covid-relief funding for the payment kiosk, which is helping to streamline the collection of thousands of monthly water bills. The new outdoor kiosk helps redirect traffic from indoor, enclosed areas and decreases wait times, with average kiosk transaction times of under a minute.

“The City of Mount Vernon is investing in the health and safety of its residents and staff, as well as the long-term growth and resilience of its technology infrastructure,” said Mike Duffy, CEO and Founder of CityBase. “Our objective is to offer a solution to the city’s needs that lays the foundation for future innovations in how they serve their residents.”


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Paymentus (NYSE: PAY) is a leading provider of cloud-based bill payment technology and solutions for more than 1,300 billers across North America. Our omni-channel platform provides consumers with easy-to-use, flexible and secure electronic bill payment experiences through their preferred payment channel and type. Paymentus’ proprietary Instant Payment Network®, or IPN, extends our reach by connecting our IPN partners’ platforms and tens of thousands of billers to our integrated billing, payment, and reconciliation capabilities. For more information, please visit



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