Lancaster, SC, introduces free way for customers to pay utility bills

The City of Lancaster, South Carolina, is partnering with CityBase to introduce a self-service payment kiosk that provides a free way for customers to pay their utility bills. The outdoor kiosk will provide 24/7 access for customers to pay their city water and sewer bills in person using cash, check, and credit and debit cards — all without incurring any service fees.

Lancaster was allocated CARES Act funding for the payment kiosk as a Covid-related expense, because the self-service kiosk eliminates person-to-person contact. The cloud-based kiosk software provides real-time transaction data, so city staff can manage revenue and support customers using up-to-the-minute data, even staff still working remotely.

“It’s important to make our customers comfortable paying in person, and this no-contact payment option does just that. In the long-term, the payment kiosk will ensure there’s a convenient and safe option for customers to pay their bills outside of regular business hours regardless of payment type. The CityBase kiosk technology is very user-friendly; customers can come by, quickly pay their bill on the outdoor kiosk, and be on their way,” said Dana Pinkert, Finance Director for the City of Lancaster.

Lancaster Utility Services manages monthly water, sewer, and solid waste billing and collections for some 5,800 customers who live both in and outside the City of Lancaster corporate limits.

This new self-service option makes it easier for people to pay in person without service fees, at a time that’s convenient for them. The no-contact, outdoor payment option eliminates lines and foot traffic inside municipal buildings, with transaction times of under a minute on average. Customers receive immediate payment confirmation with a printed, emailed, or texted receipt, so they can trust their payment is reflected in their account, even if they pay after business hours. The new outdoor payment kiosk will be located at Lancaster City Hall, 216 S. Catawba Street, Lancaster, SC.


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