CityBase Serve

Helping customers get what they need. Use CityBase Serve to help residents learn, apply for, and receive public services.

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Convenient and Accessible

The public sector must serve 100% of the population, and your tech should too. Use a cloud-based platform that’s accessible from any device, in multiple languages, for every request. As needs evolve, it’s easy to launch new services quickly.

Familiar, Personalized Service

If a resident doesn’t know a benefit exists, they won’t apply for it. Connect your customers to the services they care about and the benefits they qualify for. Personalize the civic experience to the unique needs of every household.

No Wrong Door

65% of government agencies receive requests about services they don’t handle. Organize information and services into common actions, so people can find and complete all tasks online no matter how they search.

Better, Validated Data

Papercuts suck. So do bad forms. Collect more accurate data and eliminate paper processes. Easy-to-use forms validate information against your source systems in real time, and only ask customers the questions that apply to them.

A Lifesaver for Staff

Agency staff are the unsung heroes of local government. Make their lives easier with solutions that reduce the friction of doing their jobs — with tools that support cross-agency collaboration, customer service, communications, and more.

CityBase Serve Products

This is more than the launch of a new website. It is a significant step in creating an open and transparent government.

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