CityBase was awarded a preferred vendor status for the Allied States Cooperative

Easily procure the best payment tech through ASC

CityBase was recently selected by the Allied States Cooperative as a preferred vendor for payment services for its members. It’s fast and easy for local governments and utilities to join the Cooperative at no cost, and reap the benefits of a simplified procurement process. 


About ASC and Its Payment Service Provider RFP

The Allied States Cooperative (ASC) is a national governmental purchasing cooperative which competitively bids and awards contracts to local, regional, and national vendors in compliance with local, state, and federal procurement laws and regulations.

ASC released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Payment Service Provider. CityBase was chosen as the cooperative’s preferred payments provider by meeting the following criteria. The CityBase payment platform:  

  • Integrates payments across a variety of channels including web and mobile, self-service kiosk, and point of sale
  • Allows revenue to be managed across departments through a unified cloud-based Revenue Manager that is accessible anywhere
  • Integrates to any and all source systems
  • Is PCI compliant across the entire platform


How U.S. Utilities, Cities, Counties, and States Benefit from Purchasing Cooperatives like ASC

Piggybacking on tech contracts is a great way for the public sector to procure the best technology faster and at lower costs. A cooperative purchasing authority like ASC does the heavy lifting of vetting technology vendors once, so that all members can benefit.

Members of purchasing cooperatives who work with a preferred vendor:

  • Drastically streamline the procurement process 
  • Benefit from technology contracts available at the most competitive pricing
  • Gain access to cloud-based solutions that are proven in the field and peer-recognized 


A More Efficient Way to Procure Technology

Purchasing cooperatives have expertise in procuring the best technology. They are intimately familiar with the needs of their members, and with the tech landscape as a whole. Purchasing cooperatives save their members valuable staff time and resources by writing and publishing RFPs, soliciting bids from qualified vendors, and evaluating vendor proposals. 


Standard, Competitive Pricing

Cooperative purchasing contracts require vendors to submit pricing that will stand for all contracts within its member organizations. Members benefit from standard pricing negotiated by the central purchasing authority. 


Best in Class Software, with Continual Upgrades

Technology that is designed to meet the needs of utilities and local governments everywhere can be configured to meet the specific requirements of any given client. Unlike rigid systems that are hardcoded as a one-off custom solution, configurable software products are more nimble. CityBase products benefit from upgrades that continually improve usability and ensure best-in-class security, including product enhancements created in partnership with utility and government beta users from cities across the country. 

By procuring a configurable payment solution from a vendor like CityBase, you’ll have the flexibility to add new payment channels or departments as your needs evolve. And, like all our clients, ASC members can benefit from product enhancements across all our products.


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