CityBase Platform Helps California Source Innovative COVID-19 Solutions

The State of California is leveraging CityBase technology to deploy an innovative procurement approach called a Request for Innovative Ideas (RFI2) to support their COVID response.

As California moves forward with its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, testing will be essential to the State’s response. The State continues to build laboratory capacity among public and private laboratories to process specimens; however, a limiting factor is the collection of specimens and the transport of those specimens to the laboratory, which are both labor intensive and costly. The State is seeking innovative ideas that will introduce new specimen collection services or processes, which will result in a better user experience that is seamless, timely, cost-effective, and convenient. The ultimate goal is to create a solution or service that meets the client or patient where they are so that testing becomes more accessible and equitable for both individuals who are disproportionately impacted by the virus as well as those who are at greater risk for the virus.

The CityBase platform will allow the State to engage with a wide diversity of stakeholders including innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, vendors, and experts in a broad effort to design and rollout leading-edge solutions.

Instead of asking for a specific product or service, the State is using the platform to identify the problem and seek the most innovative solutions.



“By using this innovative procurement approach the state is able to capitalize on California’s innovation economy, better inform the state’s investment of taxpayer dollars, and find solutions that are in the best interest of the people of California,” said Yolanda Richardson, Government Operations Agency Secretary for the State of California.

State and local governments throughout the country are leveraging technology to find innovative ways to respond to COVID-19. CityBase can help governments quickly set up recurring surveys and other COVID-19 programs with intuitive forms and cloud-based case management. 


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