City of Oakland brings grant applications online

The City of Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program has implemented CityBase Screendoor as a grant application and management tool. Screendoor has helped staff and applicants overcome confusion with the online grant application process.


“When the City of Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program transitioned from receiving hard copy grant applications to an online process, we had many concerns. Our applicant pool includes many artists who have limited experience with online grant applications, and many may be discouraged from applying to our program. CityBase Screendoor’s user-friendly, online grants management tool allows our applicants, review panelists, and program staff to access and use the site with ease. We use Screendoor for our applications submissions, panel scoring, and file storage. The site is incredibly efficient, and the CityBase staff quickly responds to technical assistance inquiries from our program staff and applicants. Screendoor saves our program many hours in staff time and matches the needs of our diverse applicant pool.”

—Denise Pate, Cultural Funding Coordinator, Cultural Affairs Division, City of Oakland, CA


Oakland has used Screendoor to manage applications for grants such as the Neighborhood Voices (VOICES) grant, both from individual artists and nonprofit organizations. CityBase Screendoor has also supported applications to Oakland’s Individual Artist Project grant, which funds exhibitions, workshops, and other activities in music, theater, literature, visual and public art, dance, and many other art forms in the Oakland community.

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