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Software for digital services, business process automation, and applicant management

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Customers can apply for permits, request services, and update information.
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Better community-sourced reporting with easy forms and automated sorting.
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Nonprofits & Education

Collect submissions, automate follow-up, and manage applicants.
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Proactive Follow-up

Move people to the next stage of a process by automatically sending the next required form, with information that was previously collected already filled in.

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    Response Dashboard

    See all requests at a glance, or click into someone’s case to view more details with a log of all activities

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    Intuitive Approvals

    Easily sort, verify, evaluate, and approve applications and requests with automated shortcuts

  • Cross-Team Collaboration

    Assign a team member to take on the next stage, or move the application on to another department

Send Messages to Customers

Send automatic and tailored messages to confirm a customer’s request, update them on a status change, request additional information, or move them forward to the next step.

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