At its best, local government is a unifying force with the power to dramatically improve lives.

CityBase is creating a common language and consistent interface for government services. There are 1,000+ constituent activities in a city, which break down to a handful of common user actions. We’re committed to providing governments a global platform to serve local needs.

Learn how one of our government clients saw a 50% reduction in paper forms for people contesting a parking ticket through CityBase digital services.

Many Agencies, One Experience

Digital services connect to agency source systems and present a single user interface. Tasks like paying a parking ticket or applying for a homestead deduction are easy to find and simple to complete online and on mobile.

Centralized Payments

CityBase technology is built on a central platform, so it’s easy to turn on new payment channels. Payments post instantly, accounts stay up to date, and you can move people to lower-cost payment channels with easy opt-in features.

Proactive Service Delivery

When a person has one user profile with their city or county, you can present relevant information based on their needs and actions. If a person qualifies for a benefit, they receive it automatically.

No More Shouldering Security

Our EMV, PCI Level-1 compliant payment platform takes the burden of security compliance off our government clients. No sensitive constituent information is stored on CityBase devices or applications.

What Customers Say

“This is more than the launch of a new website. [It is] a significant step in creating an open and transparent government.”

Ken Clark, Chief Information Officer, Indianapolis and Marion County

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