The Keys to High-Quality Client Support

Excellent client support is crucial to building and maintaining client relationships. But it is also a major component of showing potential clients that you stand behind your products and services. Setting a precedent of reliability is essential, and consistency ensures timely and comprehensive resolution of any service requests, and that means a happy client.

Innovation with the client in mind 

Innovation is essential to deliver superb client support and keep up with the evolving needs of a client. After reviewing past service requests and soliciting client feedback, CityBase saw an excellent opportunity to innovate how they support clients which is why CityBase rolled out a client support portal in 2022 called the Help Center. 

In addition to being the place for a client to file a service request, all updates come through the portal, including a roadmap to resolution, which keeps clients informed throughout the process to resolution. 

The guiding lights for CityBase’s Manager of Support, are always seeing things from the customers perspective and leveraging feedback to fuel innovation

“We always put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. That perspective is a great foundation for developing innovative client support products and practices. And regular client feedback helps us evolve and adapt any aspect of our service to meet the next wave of needs of our clients and their customers.”

The path to resolution

Each client has unique needs, but the core of client support comes down to addressing the fundamentals of adopting a new platform. Transparency in the resolution process is vital, and with a clear roadmap to a solution, clients remain apprised of all steps being taken to resolve a request. 

“Oftentimes, all a client or customer needs is some training. We are more than happy to work with staff to help them service a kiosk or walk a customer through the payment process. Our user interface is very user friendly but we completely understand that sometimes clients and customers want to be walked through a process because it is new to them.” 

Service requests inevitably come up and regardless of whether a quick resolution is possible or a more complex solution is needed, transparency is key to assuring clients that a resolution is on the way and that the client is still top of mind for the client support team. 

The 4 Differentiators: what sets CityBase client support apart from the rest

CityBase takes follow through seriously and it shows. Four things CityBase client support does that separates it from its competitors include: 

  • A client portal that allows clients to enter service requests, receive a roadmap to resolution, and updates throughout the process
  • Service Level Agreements that stipulate a human response within 30 minutes of a request, unlike most companies that provide a human response within 24 hours 
  • A highly technical client support team that can deploy code and provide a comprehensive solution quickly
  • A client support team that is fully in-house and US-based.

“Our service agreements stipulate that clients will receive a human response within 30 minutes of any service request. And we stand by that. The new portal helps support that promise. And I know clients love the transparency and details on the next steps toward resolution. We have received great feedback about it already.”

Motivated by the positive feedback from the clients that have been using the Help Center, CityBase is excited by the potential to extend this offering to more clients. Innovation will remain the cornerstone of the evolution of client support to stand behind flagship products and services as well as new ones to stay ahead of the competition.

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