5 Ways Utilities Use Kiosks to Improve Revenue Collection and Customer Experience

Utilities around the country are using self-service payment kiosks to support consistent revenue collection, streamline operations, and improve customer convenience.

1. Reliable Revenue Collection​

Kiosks that are accessible 24/7 provide a way for customers to consistently pay in person, even when payment centers close. According to CityBase kiosk usage data, about 40% of walk-in customers pay in cash due to preference or need. Without self-service, in-person options, many of these cash-preferred customers are left without an easy option to pay their bills on time.

2. Fewer Confused Customers

When utilities outsource walk-in payments to third parties, their customers don’t have real-time information about their account, or they could be confused about added (sometimes exorbitant) fees.

Utilities that use kiosks benefit from real-time account lookup, business rules enforced by their own CIS, and an easy payment workflow. Customers get a printed or digital receipt and confirmation their account was paid.

3. Avoid Service Disconnections​

Customers facing a payment deadline can easily pay by cash, check, or card on a 24/7 payment kiosk to avoid service interruption. Payments post in real time back to their account, even if they pay after business hours. Customers can make a partial payment toward their bill to avoid late fees.

4. Reduce Lines and Foot Traffic

Average transaction times on CityBase kiosks are under a minute for cash, check, and card payments. Customers making simple payments prefer to use kiosks, leaving customer service staff more time to spend helping customers who need more support.

5. Drop the Dropbox​

Payment dropboxes compromise customer information security and leave room for manual processing errors. Kiosks can provide 24/7 customer service, proactive security monitoring, and real-time account lookup and payment processing.

ACH verification drastically reduces returned checks, and kiosks are equipped with casino-grade cash acceptors. Your staff can manage all cash, card, and check transactions in real-time from a centralized dashboard, even staff working remotely.

“These kiosks are making transactions easier, safer, and more efficient, with added flexibility to make payments when and how it’s most convenient.”  – Bud McCrory, Assistant Director of Administration, Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS)

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