COVID-19 Hospital Capacity and Utilization Surveys

COVID-19 Hospital Kiosks
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The Challenge

Local and state governments are monitoring the capacity of their hospital systems carefully as COVID-19 cases mount across the country. Hospital utilization and health care preparedness is continuously evolving. Cities, counties, and states need a solution that will scale with demand, and provide staff the tools to monitor the changing landscape even as many work remotely. 

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The Solution

Hospital capacity and utilization surveys are simple to create and publish natively on your website using CityBase technology.  Local governments can easily create their own form in a day, or import existing templates as a starting point. These online forms are backed by staff-facing software that helps track inbound submissions, with functionality that allows for easy sorting and reassignment. In-app messaging features allow teams to communicate directly with respondents for more information. The cloud-based software allows teams to log in securely from any device, with role-based permissions that mean the right people see the right information. The survey software is created using best-in-class technology that scales with demand, so there’s no downtime to medical providers that must submit updated information. 


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