COVID-19 Economic Relief Programs

Business Permit Forms
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The Challenge

Amid COVID-19 business closures, many constituents and small business owners are looking to their local and state governments for emergency economic relief. Applications may need to be approved by several government departments — all at a time when government staff may be working remotely for the first time.

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The Solution

State and local governments can quickly launch new online applications for initiatives like small business emergency economic relief programs or wage-earner loan or grant applications. Staff can use a simple drag-and-drop form builder to create an application, or import an existing template being used in other cities. CityBase staff is working around the clock remotely to help cities, counties, and states launch these programs in as little as a day. 

Application management tools for remote staff are cloud-based and can be securely accessed from any device. The software helps government staff to sort and manage applications, assign additional review, and follow up with applicants from the same tool. Workflow automation supports cross-team collaboration and tiered approvals. Messaging features allow you to set automatic messages when the status of a person’s application changes, or to write custom communications to applicants that are tracked alongside their original submission.

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