Cannabis Business Permitting

Cannabis Permit Forms
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The Challenge

For many states, recreational cannabis distribution is a new industry to regulate. As entrepreneurs look to get their cannabis businesses off the ground, the complex permitting process can be confusing, requiring various steps with multiple agencies and departments.

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The Solution

Local government can quickly launch and iterate on intuitive forms and automated workflows – spanning regulations across different agencies like Planning, Fire, Police, and the Office of Cannabis. Forms have conditional logic, so applicants only see relevant questions. Automated status alerts and follow-up forms help proactively guide applicants through the process.

In partnership with CityBase and the San Francisco Office of Cannabis, we've worked hard to revolutionize the way we offer cannabis permits. It's one of the first examples of a city creating a seamless permitting process that is entirely digital and designed to make it easier for applicants. This approach is now informing digital permitting across the City of San Francisco.


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