Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, Introduces No-Contact Payment Kiosk

Residents Can Pay for Permits, Beach Stickers, Water Bills, and More

August 27, 2020 (Chicago, IL) – CityBase, a government technology company, today announced that the Town of Marshfield, MA, will offer its residents and visitors the opportunity to pay bills in person using new secure, self-service kiosk technology. CityBase is a business unit of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of SaaS/Cloud solutions for the public sector. 

“Our first priority is keeping all Marshfield residents and visitors safe. These innovative new self-service payment kiosks will help us accomplish that goal by allowing residents to conduct necessary activities like paying bills, while eliminating person-to-person contact during this ongoing pandemic,” says Patrick Dello Russo, Jr., Treasurer of the Town of Marshfield. “We chose CityBase because their kiosk technology makes it easy for Marshfield residents to quickly look up their bills and make payments, with a free option for people using cash.”

Marshfield will install a central outdoor kiosk this October at Town Hall, 870 Moraine Street, Marshfield, MA. The outdoor kiosk will provide 24/7 service for anyone paying their bills using card, check, and cash.

The kiosk will provide a single source for a wide range of transactions. Residents will be able to review and pay bills by scanning a barcode, or they can make payments for Town services including: beach stickers, real estate and property taxes, liquor licenses, gas permits, water and trash bills, dog licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and more.

Marshfield was allocated CARES Act funding for the payment kiosk as a COVID-related expense, because “the purchase was made to respond to the public health emergency to mitigate cash handling.”

“Marshfield is providing a huge convenience to households that want or need to pay their bills in person, by making so many different service payments available for walk-in customers,” said Mike Duffy, CEO and Founder of CityBase. “The Town of Marshfield is investing in solutions that promote both ease of use and safety for its residents and staff, while maintaining important public services and government business continuity.”

“Government offices are favoring GTY for the value of our solutions and the speed of deployment,” said TJ Parass, CEO of GTY. “Our customers can now deploy touch-less cash payments to eliminate risks associated with manually handling cash for government employees — all while being remote. Governments using our technology solutions are serving their citizens and themselves better and faster.”

Kiosk payments are enabled by a cloud-based solution that integrates to Zobrio, the Town’s underlying financial management platform, and Softright, the Town’s billing system. The integrated technology allows Marshfield to have a completely automated reconciliation process with the Treasury and all underlying departments. By automating reconciliation, Marshfield staff can focus on more complex customer inquiries rather than manual processes. Staff can manage all kiosk transactions through the CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard, which will allow them to see payment trends and other reports, as well as search for a specific customer transaction in real time to provide customer support.

On average, transactions will take about a minute for cash, and even faster for payments made by check or credit card. Customers will have the option to print their receipt, or have it sent via email or SMS text. All kiosk functionality will be available in English and Spanish.


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