Payment Kiosk Activated at Mount Prospect Village Hall

This article was originally published in Mount Prospect Journal & Topics

Mount Prospect officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception Tuesday, April 6 to celebrate the launch of the village’s first payment kiosk located outside village hall, 50 S. Emerson St.

Implementation of this new technology marks a significant moment for Mount Prospect, as part of a larger transformation to the village’s payment system. The new kiosk, approved by trustees in October 2020, will offer significant cost savings to residents as well as provide recurring online utility payments and 24/7 services for cash payments for the first time.

The village estimates $50,000 in annual savings as a result of the new technology, which will enable customers to securely store payment information online and schedule recurring auto-payments for water, sewer, and refuse utility payments for the first time.

The village plans to expand services in the future to support additional payments such as parking tickets and food and beverage, hotel/motel, amusement, and municipal motor fuel taxes.

“We recognize that our residents have varying work, school and family schedules and not all are comfortable with nor have easy access to on-line payment capability,” Mayor Arlene Juracek said. “We are happy to offer a payment kiosk with safe and accessible 24/7 availability using a variety of payment methods to meet consumer needs.”

“We do not have any platform today where we can allow people to file and pay their taxes online,” Finance Director Amit Thakkar said. “We also do not have recurring payments that people can sign up for. And we do not have any 24/7 cash payment service today. We were looking at different options. Today we are recommending CityBase with their kiosks and online payment services. This will be much more user friendly, and we won’t have to be responsible for PCI compliance. We are hoping to capture savings of $50,000 or more annually.”

More than 100 government agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use CityBase technology to provide hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff. CityBase integrates payment functionality, business processes, and communications onto a central, cloud-based platform that consumers can access through the web, mobile, kiosk, or point of sale.

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