Innovative Government in the Age of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put state and local governments in a precarious position. 

Cities, counties, and states are tasked with maintaining business continuity, accommodating increased need for services, and rolling out relief programs while simultaneously promoting social distancing, managing the closure of government buildings, and working with limited staff.

Governments around the country are using CityBase technology to manage COVID-19 relief programs and maintain government continuity. 

Government Continuity in Indianapolis and Marion County

The Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County is using CityBase online forms to allow constituents to submit public comments on proposals that are being presented before the full City-County council or its committees. The solution allows the City-County government to maintain continuity, continue to move important projects through council, and promote social distancing. Additionally, they have put all related resources in a single place for people to easily find the information they need, at



COVID 19 Economic Relief in Sacramento

The City of Sacramento quickly launched a new online application for its Small Business Emergency Economic Relief Program, so businesses can apply online, and staff can manage all inbound requests, tiered approvals, and disbursement of funds. The City has set aside a $1 million economic relief fund for businesses affected by COVID-19. Applicants can apply for zero-interest loans of up to $25,000 per business. 



Employee Readiness Survey in the State of California

The State of California Health and Human Services, Department of Innovation launched an employee readiness survey in a matter of days — using the CityBase platform to survey staff who may be available to assist in essential areas. The State surveyed 200,000 employees, providing “State employees an opportunity to share any special licensures, health-related knowledge/skills, or desire to be redirected for the short-term, as we work to ensure critical needs are being met for all Californians.”



Resident Input and Community-Driven Reporting in Texas

The Texas Tribune is soliciting community input on COVID-19, gathering tips, and managing requests for reporting. The Tribune has leveraged the CityBase tool to manage more than 300,000 requests since the outbreak started.



Aspen Institute Announces COVID-19 Challenge Grants

The Aspen Institute is using CityBase technology to manage applications for its COVID-19 Challenge Grant, which provides funding to policy-oriented technologists who are using innovative approaches to fight the spread of COVID-19.


City, county, and state governments can use CityBase technology to:

  • Migrate in-person and paper processes online to maintain government continuity.
  • Promote social distancing by keeping staff and constituents out of government buildings.
  • Give staff the ability to manage requests and tiered approval processes remotely.
  • Drive constituents to a centralized online location for information.
  • Accelerate the disbursement of funds/relief by streamlining the application, case management, and approval process.

Read more on how state and local government can mitigate COVID-19 by quickly bringing forms online forms and processes online here.

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