Product Update: One-Stop Kiosks Increase Coverage for Customers

By Patrick Killik, Product Manager

We are excited to announce multi-agency functionality for our kiosk solution—enabling multiple clients such as city governments and regional utilities to provide payment applications to their customers using the same kiosk network.

At CityBase, we are interested in providing customers unprecedented in-person access to government and utility services. We continually look for ways to extend coverage for kiosk customers and drive down the cost of kiosk hardware for our clients.

One solution we identified is to allow customers access to debt lookup and payment processing for multiple clients on one kiosk. With CityBase’s multi-agency feature enabled, customers will be able to walk up to a kiosk in their neighborhood and be able to make payments to a variety of local governments and utilities in one visit. With 24/7 kiosk options, that means people can pay bills for crucial services like power and water at a time and location that’s convenient for them.


Now CityBase kiosks can access payment applications from multiple government agencies and utility clients that share a city, county, state, or utility service area. Clients reduce costs by sharing responsibility for kiosk hardware, operation, and maintenance, and maintain complete control over their own payment application content and workflow.

Key Benefits

We designed this new kiosk feature using the same kiosk interface our clients are familiar with. Here are some of the key benefits CityBase clients and their customers receive from this new feature.

    • Customers enjoy easier access to pay multiple bills at once, in a single location—this reduces the need for people who pay in person to make trips to multiple locations, which can include long drives and inconvenient hours of operation
    • Cost-sharing benefits for governments and utilities taking payments on the same machine or kiosk network
    • The kiosk interface’s clear language, high-contrast visuals, and consistent information display is informed by on-the-ground, professional usability research
    • Kiosks accept credit card, check, and cash
    • PCI-DSS 3.1 compliance for dependable data security

How It Works

⇨ For Customers

The main screen of a multi-agency enabled kiosk allows the user to choose which city, county, or state agency or utility they would like to make a payment to.

Once they’ve selected which biller they want to pay, the intuitive interface takes them through the process to complete their payment. On the same machine, they can make additional payments for all their other bills.

⇨ For Government Agencies and Utilities

Multi-agency kiosk functionality provides government and utility clients the ability to increase customer access to their payment applications by extending coverage to additional kiosk networks and locations. Payment applications from different organizations sit side by side in the kiosk software and function independently from each other. Governments and utilities maintain full control over the content and operation of their application. The cloud-based kiosk software keeps each client’s data separate and secure, accessible only to the agency who owns it.


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