Product Update: CityBase Wallet Streamlines the Online Checkout Experience

People need the path of least resistance to pay their bills. Local and state governments and utilities can reduce the burden on their customers to stay in compliance with a faster checkout option for bills like permit and license fees, tickets and fines, utility bills, and charitable donations.

CityBase introduces our new Wallet product functionality for customers to securely store their preferred payment options for fast and easy checkout. The product helps customers pay their bills on time, and can optimize for lower-cost payment options like paying by bank account. 


Product Overview

People can securely store a bank account or credit and debit cards with their government or utility provider. No matter which department they’re paying a bill for, like their property tax through the Treasurer’s Office or a utility bill through the Water Department, they can pay using a saved payment method. 

In the same place a person finds their bill online, they can select to pay by stored payment method. They log in to call up their payment methods and select the one to use. At any time, a customer can remove a payment method from their account. All payment functionality is branded as the local government or utility, so they can trust they’re making a secure payment method to their trusted vendor.

All payments are routed to the appropriate department source system, and staff can manage transactions in real time through CityBase Revenue Management


Key features

  • Create stored account and edit personal data: name, email, phone, address, password
  • Add and delete payment methods: ACH/bank account, debit/credit card
  • Make one-time payment using stored payment methods and personal data
  • Immediate payment confirmation and emailed receipt, to help reduce duplicate payments


How it works

Customer makes a one-time payment using stored payment methods

Rashad is a business owner for a local restaurant. A few times a year, he pays for various taxes, licenses, and bills to his city government, for things like his business taxes, liquor license, event permits, and water bills. He manages his finances closely so he prefers to make one-time payments for every bill, rather than setting recurring auto-payments. 

To simplify the process, Rashad sets up a secure wallet with his city government so he can store a bank account and credit card for faster checkout. When he looks up his bills, he selects the Sign In button to call up his payment methods. If he ever forgets his password, he can easily reset it. If a card expires, he can remove it from his wallet and add a new one.

Once logged in, he’ll select the payment method from his wallet to use for a given payment. The checkout workflow will populate all the saved personal information, like his name, billing address, and email for payment confirmation. 

After his payment is complete, he sees a clear confirmation message on the screen. A receipt is also emailed to him so he can store it for his records. 

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