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The Challenge

When someone makes a request to their local utility provider, they should trust their information was received and action will be taken. These include important and time-sensitive utility service requests that residential and business customers need — such as line locates, reporting an outage, starting and stopping service, or enrolling in autopayments and paperless billing.

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The Solution

Utilities can make it convenient for customers to request a service online or via phone, and simple for your staff to manage. For customers calling in, provide a simple interactive voice response solution that walks people through the steps with clear voice or text prompts.

Online, showcase services clearly on your website, with related services paired for easy browsing and navigation. Simple online forms prompt customers for the necessary information and validate data like service addresses in real-time against your customer information system (CIS). Clear confirmation messages let a customer know their request was received, and what they can expect for next steps.

Staff can handle requests faster with automated workflows and clear approvals, features to assign tasks and message customers, and advanced sorting and labels.


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