Customer Webinar: How DTE Transformed the Customer Experience With a Reliable and Flexible Kiosk Network

DTE generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to 2.3 million customers in Southeastern Michigan. Their large network of 40+ self-service payments kiosks are located throughout the City of Detroit to best serve their customers. Because DTE is committed to providing excellent customer service and expanding access, especially for cash paying customers, their payment kiosks are conveniently located in local businesses throughout their service area. Now, DTE uses data and analytics to better understand transaction trends to make adjustments that optimize the customer experience.

Hear from Justine Schneider, Digital Experience Senior Strategist at DTE as she shares:

  • How DTE rolled out 43 kiosks across the Detroit metro area in 2 weeks
  • The process of using data to optimize their kiosk network to better serve their cash paying customers
  • Customer service improvements such as improved transaction times, reduced disconnections, and trusted branding

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