Water Utility Launches CityBase Web Payments for a Seamless Customer and Staff Experience

A regional utility that provides water, sewage, and garbage pickup services in the Southeast United States has become the first utility using the CityBase payment platform across online and in-person payment channels. The utility recently launched CityBase’s new standard checkout experience for web payments. The technology enables simplified one-time payments for online customers, with centralized revenue management for staff.

The utility first partnered with CityBase in 2014 to transition 100% of their walk-in customers to self-service payment kiosks. Their indoor and outdoor kiosk network has extended business hours to 24/7 and improves convenience for their walk-in customers, especially those paying cash due to preference or need.  

Now the utility has introduced CityBase self-service, intuitive payments online. 


Using CityBase’s New Standard Checkout Technology

CityBase web payment technology powers the new standard checkout experience. The standard checkout allows customers to make a one-time payment without creating or logging into a profile. Customers follow the utility’s existing workflow, and seamlessly check out through an integrated payment page on their website. 

The digital experience uses best practices in accessibility and user-centric design. It’s consistent with the utility’s branding, so their customers can trust they’re making a secure payment to their utility. All payment functionality is optimized for any mobile device.

A real-time integration to the utility’s Customer Information System (CIS) allows their online customers to look up their current balance using their account number. They can select whether to pay their full balance or pay another amount. Customers also select the amount to pay toward their water bill and/or garbage pickup services. 

Customers can checkout using credit or debit card or by bank via ACH/eCheck on a payment flow completely native to the utility’s website. Water and garbage appear as separate line items, and customers can pay for both in a single transaction. After a payment is complete, customers view a confirmation screen and receive a receipt via email. And customers who look up their balance after a payment will see it reflected immediately in their account.

Payments are posted in real time back to the utility’s CIS, so their customer records are always up to date. The integration enables staff to view the amounts paid for water services and for garbage services in their source system — enabling a single transaction to be reported against the specific obligations. 


One Integrated Platform for All Payment Channels

Now the utility has one integrated payment platform for online and in-person channels. The web and kiosk payment applications leverage the same integrations. The utility can configure business rules once to have them reflected across all channels, and they can set certain rules based on channel.

The water utility’s staff research, report, and reconcile transactions in real-time using the CityBase Revenue Management Dashboard. Staff see all transactions, with graphs that show payments by card, cash, and check, by web or kiosk payment channel, and other custom reports. Powerful real-time search functionality allows staff to find a specific transaction based on payment channel, payment date or date range, customer account number, and more. Because the utility now has one payment vendor for online and kiosk payments, and for check and card payments, the utility receives daily deposits from a single vendor. 


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