In-Person Payments: Challenges and Solutions

CityBase kiosks are equipped to handle the most common challenges when it comes to in-person payments. 


In-Person Payments Challenges

CityBase Kiosk Solutions

During Covid, person-to-person contact puts customers and cashiers at health risk.

Easy Self-Service Payments: Payment kiosks eliminate person-to-person interaction, and are simple for customers to complete transactions on their own without assistance.

Long wait times for customers to pay their bills at cashiers, especially surrounding important due dates like monthly water bills.

Simple User Interface for Customers: CityBase kiosk transactions take under a minute on average for cash, card, and check payments.

If a customer pays by dropbox, records are not updated in real-time, risking late fees or other penalties.

Real-Time, API-Driven Integrations: It’s time to drop the dropbox. Direct integration with underlying databases means records for various departments stay up to date in real time, avoiding late fees and drastically reducing duplicate payments and inbound customer calls.

Customers who pay their bill via dropbox may not include all the information necessary, requiring staff to follow up. Staff must manually process payments, which increases overhead costs, introduces human error, and compromises security.

Eliminate Human Error & Improve Security: Customer information is validated against your source system to ensure payments post to the right account. Payments post in real-time, with state-of-the-art card readers and check scanners. Casino-grade cash acceptors provide faster, more reliable cash handling that also reject counterfeit bills. Staff can spend time supporting customers instead of manually processing data.

A customer who forgets their bill at home is out of luck when trying to pay via a third-party vendor like a check cashing store or a Western Union, and these services often charge extra fees on top of bills.

Simple Account Lookup: Own the entire customer experience. Customers can easily look up their account using any information available in your source system, such as address or phone number.

Customers who pay in cash due to preference or need may face extra fees on top of bills if they pay by third party like a check-cashing store.

Free Cash Payments: CityBase never charges your customers a fee on a cash payment. This reduces the burden for people to pay their bills, and makes it easier for them to make partial payments throughout the month leading up to a payment deadline.

Customers can only make payments for one department or debt type at a time.

Multiple Payments at a Single Machine: Customers can make payments across multiple departments on a single kiosk, with funds disbursed to the correct individual departments.

Cashiers are not able to gather customer information that could lead to more efficient debt collection.

Essential Data Capture: Capture email addresses and mobile numbers so you can encourage users to move to lower-cost service channels, like online and recurring payments.

Other kiosk vendors require kiosks to be hardwired in a certain location, making it difficult to install, and near-impossible to change locations.

Innovative Hardware & Easy Installation: The only site installation requirement for CityBase kiosks is a power outlet. State-of-the-art kiosk hardware minimizes technical issues, supports fast transaction times, and processes high volumes of payments. Hardware is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and is designed for ADA compliance, which supports accessibility for all customers. 

Administrative staff cannot see transactions in real-time, delaying business processes.

Real-Time Revenue Management: Kiosk software facilitates simplified batching and closeout. The CityBase platform allows staff to see real-time reporting and historical analytics by using a unique dashboard functionality.

PCI compliance is costly and cumbersome to maintain.

Industry-Leading Security: As a PCI Level-1 compliant payment provider, CityBase removes our clients from PCI scope, with proactive threat-hunting for system events that may be security related. We monitor kiosks in the field to ensure they are functioning properly, and proactively respond to any issues.


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