Case Study: Expanding payment options citywide on web, mobile app, kiosk, and POS

In partnership with a major city in the US, CityBase is consolidating all payments into a single, central platform accessible on their native payment platform and in-person at self-service payment kiosks across the city.

The primary goal of this partnership is to provide a consistent, centralized, multi-channel payment experience for every agency and every debt type in the city. Our recently expanded engagement with the city includes the newly launched online payment platform where, together with the Department of Finance, we are creating a centralized place for residents and businesses to manage all of their fees with the city online. This includes high-volume debt types like parking tickets, and payments that previously had no online presence, like public way use application fees.

To address in-person payment solutions, we launched a self-service payment kiosk network across the city, serving 21 locations for cash, card, and check payments. This year, we will expand that network to more than 150 kiosks in safe locations such as libraries and police stations, many offering 24/7 service for cash payers. Additionally, we are replacing the city’s 10-year-old point of sale (POS) solution to make it easier for the city to manage cashiering windows across 15 locations. The POS solution will connect several disparate source systems together into one application, reducing the need for cashiers to use multiple applications to lookup and process payments. CityBase will assume all PCI compliance for the city, greatly reducing PCI risk and lowering the city’s cost of operations.

CityBase also facilitates an Airport Taxi Stamp Collection mobile app, which automates the collection and control of departure-stamp tax process at two major airports in the city, creating individual accounts for drivers, and digitizing physical stamps. The physical stamps are made available for purchase digitally via web and mobile app, and physically via kiosk (currently at 1.63 million transactions processed with 22,800 users).

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